Success Strategy

This is the moment to stop spending your time and energy on half-hearted actions towards your success journey.

It is time to undertake the commitment to rewrite your Success Journey and let the world know you are a badass hustler and you are here to win.

CREATE your path,

ENGAGE your audience,

LEAD communities towards Success.

Dream Big, and let’s together, Make It Happen.

Helping Brands, Solopreneurs & Talents ‘Dream Big’ and ‘Making It Happen’ for them.


It is YOUR dream, so understanding your vision, mission, goals, as well as the fears and hurdles is the most important thing for me even before we begin. Similarly, YOU are the key player in this dream becoming a reality so I will catch-up with you whenever I need to dig deeper into your entrepreneurial vision, so together we are always on the same page and walking in the same direction.

And My Team of Dreamaniacs

My team is here to make your Entrepreneurial & Personal Success Dreams a reality. As your Business and Life Coach, Lifestyle Influencer, and Dreamaniac™ I am committed to helping you get the most out of your Success Journey. My CEL-Experts™ will work on your dreams like maniacs because we are Dreamaniacs™. BTW, According to leading Influence Rating Benchmarks, EC Marketing & Rise we are among TOP 100 Worldwide, to follow on twitter.


Create. Engage. Lead.


We offer an extensive range of business development services including, but not limited to Branding, Design (graphics and websites), Lead-Pages, Logo & Visual Marketing Collateral to name a few. Our focus is to go deep into your brand & create a result that wows your end-users and buyers, as much as it impresses you. We create for your success.


Engaging the right target audience is crucial for any business. With our dynamic and personalized approach, added with extensive research, feedback & case-studies, we have helped thousands of clients in exploiting their true potential. We continue to serve various industries including Business, Entertainment, Fitness, Charity, Fashion & more.


We have helped many entry-level entrepreneurs as well as successful industry leaders to bare their true and higher potential that they didn’t recognize or explore for various reasons. My aim is to #BYTP (Bare Your True Potential) & empower you to empower your communities while providing you with the right tools for maximum results.

Did we already boast that we are among TOP 100 Worldwide, to follow on twitter?



Years of my research, mistakes, experiments, and determination to find the right answers helped me learn enough to make a remarkable difference for my clients. My team and I have been listed in TOP 100 Experts in Branding, PR, Social Media, Business Coaching, Leadership to name a few. Every struggle, failure, learning from those failures and success milestones was worth it. Now, since nearly a decade my team and I help others reduce the time towards their success journey and accomplish their dreams faster, smarter and with least possible heartache! (Oh Yeah!)


I, along with my team are here to make your Entrepreneurial & Personal Success Dreams a reality.

I wholeheartedly promise to you, that:

  • My team and I will work tirelessly towards your success
  • We will keep things simple yet up to date with the times
  • We will help you learn things important for you, without scaring the crap out of you
  • We will keep things as practically transparent as possible (See #almostNaked Policy)
  • And I will personally catch-up with you on every milestone achieved by your brand

and almostNaked Policy

Before you jump to conclusions, me being the #almostNakedCEO or Szebastian.com’s #almostNaked Policy has nothing to do with posing topless or almost naked.

This is all about my resolve to keep things as transparent as possible with the relevant stakeholders. Be it the Valuable Leaders of Change (You, the client), or my team, or any affiliate we work with – I believe in keeping the processes and strategies as transparent as practically possible, and as ethically & legally acceptable.  Of course, we value your privacy and security of your data, hence there are aspects that will be secure, hence ‘almost’ Naked and not all the way stripped down to the public eye.

If you are keen to learn more about this, feel free to visit this link – #almostNakedCEO

Gordon, CEEO - Leadership Brand, FLORIDA
When it comes to Branding Szebastian knows exactly whats needed to make a brand shine on line. His company took over my online presence and significantly improved the quality almost immediately. His team added style to go with the great content, which just made it leap off the page and generate great engagement. If you want to stand out online, then I highly recommend Szebastian.
Duri, Fitness Model & Trainer, LEIGH-ON-SEA, UK
The best person and leader I can tell is Szebastian, always very helpful, his knowledge and experience and creativity that he put into a business it definitely shows in the world? and people love it! I live in UK and thanks to the Team of Szebastian I am where I am, in very successful life, I am very happy and proud to say that they're the best I have been working with!
Maribel, Human Rights Activist, SPAIN
Very trustworthy and reliable services. Szebastian Onne is a very honest, hardworking and "super" reliable person and professional.
Billy, Director - Fitness Brand, HOPPERS CROSSING, AUSTRALIA
Szebastian and his team of amazing professionals are simply the best in the business, extremely knowledgeable, super friendly and the best people I could ask for to be behind my business!
Cheryl, Political Activist, WISCONSIN, USA
Szebastian has helped me immensely in getting my Socio-Political groups going and managing them effectively. I have been using his guidance since 2012 to date (2017) with much happiness.
Ginni, Host, Podcast, MELBOURNE & NEW YORK
Customer Service and Excellence Driven Staff; Always transparent about processes and results drive the reach of your business immensely. Szebastian is an exceptional leader, and I am not surprised he has been named one of the top leadership experts in the world. Everyone goes over and beyond for you, and I am so proud and happy to work with this team
Lynne, Owner, Health Brand, AUS
Szebastian and his team worked tirelessly and with a passion for getting my partner's website online, up and running from scratch. I would highly recommend this company. Thank you!
Megan, CEO, Publication Brand, LA, USA
Quality services provided not only on time but early, Szebastian lives to exceed expectations, not just meet them. Recommended highly!
Anthony, Management Professional, MELBOURNE, AUS
Szebastian is a compassionate and dedicated professional that has been assisting me with refining my personal and professional goals for some time now. I am fortunate to have Szebastian as a coach, and mentor.

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