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SERVICES: Brand Creation and Rejuvenation | Web Design and Management | Process Creation/Boost | Visual  Marketing Collateral | WordPress Plugin Installation, Setup and Training



SERVICES: Brand Social Engagement and Outreach | B2B2C Support Services (General, Sales and Technical) | Blog Empowerment | LinkedIn Growth | Marketing Automation



SERVICES: Executive Coaching | Group Coaching | Personal Coaching | Work-Life Balance Coaching | Industry Workshops | Leadership Training | Product Training | Process Training

How Clients Feel…

  • One of the most compassionate, dedicated, and professional people I have met all over the world. Throughout the years, Szebastian has given me the confidence to pursue my goals. I highly recommend their services.

    Camilla H
    Camilla H Legal Expert, ARIZONA
  • Szebastian has always emerged as a team leader because of their sincerity and overall multifaceted personality.

    Chris L.
    Chris L. Deputy Head of School, SINGAPORE
  • Szebastian is an experienced and energetic social media entrepreneur, with a love for digital technologies. They are also a strong supporter of equal rights everywhere!

    Michael J.
  • Szebastian is a compassionate and dedicated professional that has been assisting me with refining my personal and professional goals for some time now. I am fortunate to have Szebastian as a coach, and mentor.

    Anthony W.
    Anthony W. Management Professional, MELBOURNE
  • I engaged team to design elements of certain concepts, the team were able to provide me with some choices very quickly. With a little going back and forth with ideas the final high res product was provided in a timely manner and with attention to detail. I would certainly recommend for branding & design work!

    Melissa H.
    Melissa H. Celebrity Photographer, MELBOURNE & SYDNEY
  • Szebastian has always been professional and passionate. Their ability to make you feel confident to continue your ideas and dreams. Always willing to listen and understand your ideas and help keep you positive

    Valda A.
    Valda A. Hospitality Industry Expert, MELBOURNE
  • Szebastian's team is very helpful, proficient and customer-friendly. They made my life so easy in my technical projects - it has changed the way I go about doing my business with reduced effort and rapidly enhanced results.

    Cheryl M
    Cheryl M SOHO Owner, Wisconsin
  • Absolutely Excellent costumer service, brilliant staff, they are very helpful. The best person and leader I can tell is Szebastian, always very helpful, their knowledge and experience and creativity that they put into the business, it shows in the world, and people love it! Because they help them and that is what we need to help, create a better world. I live in UK and thanks to the Team of Szebastian I am where I am, in very successful life, I am very happy and proud to say that they are the best I have been working with! I am looking forward to working with this team in future.

    Duri D
    Duri D Actor, Fitness Model, LONDON
  • Quality services provided not only on time but early, Szebastian lives to exceed expectations, not just meet them. Recommended highly!

    Megan R
  • I don't often write testimonials but in the case of my Lifestyle Coaching sessions with Szebastian as part of his Leadership Services stream I have to make an exception. In a very short period of attending lifestyle coaching sessions directly with Szebastian himself - I have found myself very empowered and focused in my goals. Szebastian assisted me with an array of personal and professional issues that were acting as blockages to me achieving my personal goals when I was amidst a deep depression. His delivery framework really helps you create an action plan to materialize your goals and overcome your self-imposed obstacles.

    Eigenbrötler Management Professional, MELBOURNE
  • Customer Service and Excellence Driven Staff; Always transparent about processes and results drive the reach of your business immensely. Szebastian is an exceptional leader, and I am not surprised they have been named one of the top leadership experts in the world. Everyone goes over and beyond for you, and I am so proud and happy to work with this team

    Ginni S.
    Ginni S. Radio Host & Podcaster, NEW YORK
  • Szebastian and their team of amazing professionals are simply the best in the business, extremely knowledgeable, super friendly and the best people I could ask for to be behind my business! Their focused approach to strategic development, growth and outreach has expanded my brand's presence rapidly and effectively. Love their work!

    Billy B
    Billy B Fitness Trainer, MELBOURNE
  • When it comes to Branding Szebastian knows exactly what's needed to make a brand shine online. Their company took over my online presence and significantly improved the quality almost immediately. Their team added style to go with the great content, which just made it leap off the page and generate great engagement. If you want to stand out online, then I highly recommend Szebastian and their team!

    Gordon T
    Gordon T CEO, FLORIDA
  • Szebastian is not only a very good and honest colleague but also an inspiring strategist. Szebastian did not fail a single time. Experienced expert with lots of knowledge in his field. They denote a lot of analytical capability and willingness for their both personal & professional development. Their high background and intelligence makes Szebastian able to solve any project they have to work on.

    Steven K.
    Steven K. Online Traffic Consultant, TEXAS
  • My first concern was if I will get an absolute guarantee of confidentiality & I sought a detailed agreement to be signed. To my surprise, not only have been outstanding at maintaining full confidentiality but also have managed my entire Social Media with the style, taste & tone I would have done it myself. Glad to continue into my 5th year with them.

    Identity Protected
    Identity Protected Hollywood Celebrity, HOLLYWOOD

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