13-Traits of a Genuine Leader

It is okay to not know everyone and everything from your industry.

Those who belittle you for not knowing as much as they do, are not experts but bullies insecure about their knowledge and themselves.

They failed to learn the basic trait of being a leader is to be an inspiring and compassionate role-model.

Run away as fast as you can from such self-proclaimed leaders as they are a danger to themselves and your success journey.

A genuine leader:

1. Is a great listener
2. Is a keen observer
3. Is ready to teach what you don’t know
4. Is ready to learn what you know better than them
5. Does not ridicule you for knowing less, but helps you gain more knowledge
6. Does not reject a different point of view with no rational and a sincere dialogue

7. Does not assume that everyone has to know what they know
8. Does not believe they know better and more than everyone else
9. Has the patience to understand a different point of view, even if in disagreement.
10. Makes you feel inspired, motivated and enthusiastic about something you are yet to learn.
11. Is interested in helping to learn, rise higher and be better despite your shortcomings.
12. Is always open to feedback even if critical or unpleasant – and takes the time to understand it.
13. Is secure about their knowledge and themselves and always willing to expand their learning.
Above all, a genuine leader is someone who makes you feel empowered and inspires you to do more with your life.

[Credits: Anj Handa and Nick Hayllor for being my logic-editors]
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  • Eimear

    You’ve hit it right on the nose with this post! I’ve met so many self-proclaimed leaders who are in reality terribly insecure, don’t listen (so therefore can’t learn) and definitely don’t like to be challenged. When you meet a real leader you know it immediately. They are always curious, supportive and don’t need to shout to be heard or seen.

  • Amanda Dunn

    These are perfect! A good leader can do amazing with a staff but a bad leader can destroy a good staff.


    These are great traits. You highlighted a lot of them. A good leader is crucial for a team. It could make or break any team or country. Thanks for emphasizing this!

  • Jasmine Hewitt

    you’re totally right! these are the qualities of leaders!

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