3-Step Simple Strategy to Defeat Distractions at Work

Distractions, they love to seep in right when you are trying to do your best and deliver. It is very easy to get distracted by a colleague or another task being assigned to you or just because you are being your own worst enemy by letting yourself feel overwhelmed by confusing task priorities and urgency. (A topic I will be writing about this week too)
Staying focused and jumping straight into the topic, I am happy to share my 3-Step Simple Strategy to Defeat Distractions at Work:
[see what I did there?]
1. Make A List:
I start my day by making a list of tasks that I need to accomplish by the end of that day. Every Single Day. 
2. Make IT Visible:
I put this list in a place where it is VERY visible to me and pretty much is making eye-contact with me, per say. Normally, on the wall facing me, on left or right of my laptop screen so it is impossible to avoid, ignore or forget it. The list keeps the ‘challenge’ game on and screams, ‘I bet you cannot complete me today’ and pretty much challenges me to participate in a ‘who dares wins’ contest. Dramatic you say? It works! 
3. Take Breaks:
Before things around you can distract you, hurdles can stop you, fatigue can set in, take a break.
I mean it.
I take breaks every 45-50 minutes for approximately 5 minutes. I completely walk away from my desk, often right outside the office where the plants are. I just gaze at the plants, the surroundings, without a purpose and give myself a breather with no work talk, thought or baggage. This brings back the energy and drive to do more, before fatigue can make the work hard and monotonous for me. Mind you, if you take someone along with you on this mini-break, you’ll find yourself engaged in work-talk or gossip, neither of which help the cause. 

As you can clearly see, there is no rocket-science involved in implementing this 3-Step Strategy in your work-life. All you need to do is, follow this simple 3-Step strategy that will keep you alert, refreshed and energized just the right amount to not suffer 3.30itis before it’s even 1100 Hours.

So quit the excuses and incorporate this 3-Step Simple Strategy to Defeat Distractions at Work, in your routine and let me know how effective was it for you. And, if you want to gain a better work-life balance or need support with doing better in your career, hit me up here and let’s talk!

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  • Marsha

    Unfortunately, I get distracted at work when I have a lot to do. I agree that making a visible and realistic to-do list and taking breaks in between are great strategies!

  • Huub Ricardo

    These are indeed are indeed some good pointers, especially for someone like me working from home. I try to keep my phone on silent and turned down so I won’t see the notifications of my social media coming in.

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