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Important Info About Booking Appointments

  1. Consultation Sessions/Services are recorded for Project Record, Quality Assurance and Training Purpose.
  2. Recordings are only available to authorized personnel. Should you wish the session/service to not be recorded kindly alert your InfluenCEL Expert at the start of the Consultation Session.
  3. Consultation Sessions/Services may be conducted via a Fixed Landline, Skype Calling or Web-Meeting, Typed-Chat or Email-Trail depending on the nature of the consultation and mutually convenient medium.
  4. These sessions/services may be Audio only, or Audio and Video, Typed only, or a Combination of one or more, depending on the nature of the consultation and project requirements.
  5. All Consultation Sessions/Services are Pre-Paid. You can pay via PayPal, Gift Voucher or Discount Voucher.
  6. All Consultation Session fee are non-refundable. You are paying for the time and knowledge of our experts. Consultations are not covered by any refund obligations. Should you invoke PayPal refund option despite agreeing to these terms, reserves the right to pursue appropriate remedial action for maintaining the integrity of this agreement.
  7. You can request a copy of the recording by requesting the InfluenCEL Expert at the start of your session. Each Recording Copy is delivered at a fee of $59.99 + GST. Recording will be made available within 7 working days.
  8. At times, recording may not be available due to Technical reasons, in such case you will be refunded the Recording Copy Fee. (and subsidiary projects) are under no obligation to furnish the copy of recordings.
  9. Only booked and approved parties may attend the session. Any additional attendee may be refused presence in the session or an Instant Approval Fee of $159.00 per attendee may be sought before commencing the session.
  10. You may use only one Discount Voucher per Consultation Session.
  11. Booking Availability and Cancellations are subject to Service Terms.
  12. These Terms are non-negotiable.

All Prices are in US Dollars.  Secure Payment via PayPal. GST is applicable Extra. eBooks, Guides, Whitepaper managed under copyright. Terms of Service Apply.