Our Brand Dreamaniacs work with you in creating/rejuvenating your brand’s vision, mission and identify goals with the clarity of the desired outcome. Our global experts will provide you the insight and support you need for making strategic and confident decisions about your brand.

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Creation Services Pricing – BLOG EMPOWERMENT

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  • After Sale Price
  • Domain, Website, Email
  • Brand Review & Alignment
  • Content & Publication Strategy
  • Engagement & Promotion Strategy
  • Copywrite & Editing
  • Frequency of Publication
  • Customer Service
  • BONUS Strategies
  • Retainer
    $1299/ moFor The Beginner Bloggers
    • 1 Year
    • Basic
    • Basic
    • Ongoing
    • 2/Month
    • Via Email (M-F)
    • Blog Empowerment Strategy
    • 3, 6 & 12 Months
    $1499/ moExpand Blog Outreach
    • 2 Years
    • Advanced
    • Advanced
    • Ongoing
    • 4/Month
    • Via Email & Chat (M-F)
    • Blog + PR Strategy
    • 6 & 12 Months
    $1799/ moSocially Viral Blogging
    • 3 Years
    • Premium
    • Premium
    • Ongoing
    • 6/Month
    • Via Email, Chat (M-F)
    • Blog + PR + Social Strategy
    • 6 & 12 Months

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What clients are saying
  • Szebastian and his team of amazing professionals are simply the best in the business, extremely knowledgeable, super friendly and the best people I could ask for to be behind my business!
    Billy ByrnesOwner/Director
  • When it comes to Branding Szebastian knows exactly whats needed to make a brand shine on line. His company took over my online presence and significantly improved the quality almost immediately. His team added style to go with the great content, which just made it leap off the page and generate great engagement. If you want to stand out online, then I highly recommend Szebastian.
    Gordon TredgoldCEEO
  • Szebastian is a compassionate and dedicated professional that has been assisting me with refining my personal and professional goals for some time now. I am fortunate to have Szebastian as a coach, and mentor.
    Anthony W.Management Professional
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