Brand Managers are the Joan Rivers for your Brand!

As a Branding Professional, sometimes my job involves giving uncomfortable but important advice. Often Branding advice can and does get unpleasant – it ruins people’s plans, requires them to change their ways or working style. But a true Branding Professional will always alert you when steps being taken are not best for your/brand’s image.

JRSA few facts for my clients (and anyone who hires a Branding Expert):

  1. My aim is not to be unpleasant or critical, but to give the best advice for your brand, your image and to create an effective bond between your audience and your brand. Also, I like to keep my job!
  1. I can sugarcoat and beat around the bush to give you the same advice and/or education in 3 hours at price of $120/Hour, but I prefer to give it in 20 minutes and be direct, so the message is authentic, genuine and truly useful for you. Of course, you’ll still get a ‘memorable’ invoice though ..HA, you say!


  1. Robbing you with exorbitant invoices may give me short-term gain, but in the long-term, you’ll find yourself frustrated and we’ll struggle to work with each other. Unless the short-term gains were in millions, I’d rather give you genuine advice. Fair deal?
  1. My job is not only to make you/your brand, look great but also to present it in most authentic manner, with most authentic content and information with expert curating, nice packaging and user-friendly tone. Because trust me when I say, you can only fake it so long in any relationship before you are busted!


  1. A brand manager is your professional spouse, who has your best interest in their heart yet needs the freedom to speak freely when you are committing a faux-pas for your brand. So love them like you mean it and they’ll deliver the best despite being difficult (business)life-partners at times. Never said loving me was easy, did I?

In a gist, I am the Joan Rivers of your brand’s sense of dressing, and you better get used to the Brand-Fashion Police!

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