Branding Growth Plan

    Your Plan Includes:

    Brand Growth Plan includes ALL the components of Brand Starter Plan PLUS the following InfluenCEL Advantages:

    1. Change Management Support for Six Months
    2. Guaranteed Discount of 20% upon Monthly Renewals
    3. Social Starter Plan for Three Months
    4. Web Design Services at 50% Guaranteed Off
    5. Pre-Pay Monthly after Contract Term
    6. Dedicated Team empowering your brand for 6 months

    Understanding your brand journey is a crucial step for us to empower your business. We conduct an in-depth Brand Review & Analysis of the historical, current and future journey of your brand. Whether you have an existing brand or launching fresh, we indulge with you as your team to assess the competition, processes, niche, opportunities, risks to create a strategic presence towards an empowered, scalable, sustainable and influencing brand that stands out to create its own space in the industry.

    The strength of a brand begins with its idea but must be continued in its visual presence, word of mouth and action delivery. We focus on minutest details to the biggest aspect that will stand out in the minds of your audience, positioning your brand for a long term relationship with them. Whether creating a new brand or rejuvenating an existing one, our goal is empower your Brand’s PERSONALITY!

    Each month, we will provide you a focused consultation on various aspects and actions to strengthen your brand against your competition. We will also deliver one Executive Session per month to a senior staff of your choice, with various Leadership and Management Strategies that will increase productivity in your team.

    We understand the importance of getting expert and timely support. Which is why, our Elite B2B Support is available to you via Ticketing (24 x 7 priority queue), Skype Call (24/7 by Appointment) and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) (12 Hrs – Mon-Sat). We also provide personalized Recorded Webinars for any Process Support.

    1. Renew at 15% Guaranteed off, and Prepay Monthly without Contract.
    2. FREE Social Media Starter Plan for 1 Month with GUARANTEED 30% Off on renewal
    3. 40% Off on ANY web-design plan if used within the first 3 month contract period.

    Please Note: First 3 months are contracted, after that prepay monthly with no commitment. Service will continue until the end of the prepaid month.

    1. Initial Contract is for 6 Months
    2. Effective Monthly Fee is USD 1299 only
    3. You Pay in Four Equal Installments of USD 1948.50
    4. Service will commence after first payment is realized
    5. After 6 Months You can renew at 20% OFF on Prepaid Monthly Feeat the time.
    6. Cancellation will attract 40% of total Contract as Penalty
    7. This service is non-transferable
    8. Fair Usage Policy applies

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