We accept all major credit cards and debits cards via PayPal. Payments made via can take up to 7 working days to realize at our end hence your project will commence once the payment realizes at our end. Clients all over the world can pay securely via PayPal and without sharing any card/bank details with us.

For US Clients:
We also accept instant wire-transfer via xoom.com from US clients. xoom.com is a PayPal service for US residents to send money to many locations across the world. Being a PayPal service, xoom.com is also equally secure. xoom allows you to pay instantly hence the project can begin ASAP (or on decided Project Commencement date) as payment via this mode reaches us pretty much within an hour. xoom.com allows you to use various payment methods just like PayPal.

For India Clients:
We accept NEFT & PayTM transfers from our clients in India. Please contact us via CEL-RQ and select 'Compliance - Billing, Media, Employment' Category when sending the ticket to request NEFT/PayTM details.

ALL CLIENTS: Please note, we do not accept Cash or Cheque payments, nor do we sign Service-Barter agreements. If you use our services, you pay us via Electronic Transfers and if we use yours, we will pay you via Electronic Transfers. We like things done right :-)