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If you have reached this page, our C.E.L. Experts are working tirelessly to add or upgrade more fantastic services for you and will have this ready as soon as possible. This section will be back before you know it!

You can still send support requests via CEL-RQ Support System, by clicking the Blue SUPPORT button visible in the top left corner on ANY device you are using and logging in or signing-up. A C.E.L. Coordinator will respond to you within 24 Hours. You can also enter to login. The CEL-RQ works 24/7 irrespective of the website status. Please Note: Our team can only interact via the Secure CEL-RQ Support System hence always use the CEL-RQ Dashboard to update your request tickets at

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All prices are listed in US Dollars unless stated otherwise. You can use your credit or debit card regardless of your location in the world when paying via PayPal, the most secure payment system in the world. All prices are one-off fees with no recurring payments unless explicitly stated otherwise as a “monthly” charge, in which case the total number of charges will be clearly displayed. When purchasing a plan including ebooks or guides, you will get access to these documents forever.

What clients are saying
  • Szebastian and his team of amazing professionals are simply the best in the business, extremely knowledgeable, super friendly and the best people I could ask for to be behind my business!
    Billy ByrnesOwner/Director
  • When it comes to Branding Szebastian knows exactly whats needed to make a brand shine on line. His company took over my online presence and significantly improved the quality almost immediately. His team added style to go with the great content, which just made it leap off the page and generate great engagement. If you want to stand out online, then I highly recommend Szebastian.
    Gordon TredgoldCEEO
  • Szebastian is a compassionate and dedicated professional that has been assisting me with refining my personal and professional goals for some time now. I am fortunate to have Szebastian as a coach, and mentor.
    Anthony W.Management Professional
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