If People like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.

Zig Ziglar

A brand is a promise that must be kept.


Creating and Advancing Brands

Brand Identity & Strategy

Converting Ideas into a Business Entity that succeeds require expertise & connectivity. Our Brand Managers, Strategists and Public Relations Champions #MakeItHappen for you.

Websites Design

A website represents the mission of your brand and is the virtual Call-to-Action (CTA) Office of your business. We specialize in creating a user-friendly, magnetic and scalable web experience for your audience.

Visual Marketing Collateral

A picture is worth a thousand words, and WORDS MATTER. We create Marketing Collateral that creates a uniform, convenient and connecting experience across Conventional and Digital Platforms.

Logo Design

Your brand’s logo is the representation of the culture and essence of your business. We create your logo to leave the ‘First Impression’ that connects your clients to your brand.

Lead & Landing Pages

A Lead or Landing page is the sales-conversion backbone of today’s digital transaction world. We understand your business & help your audience feel connected to your brand.


Content Curation, Marketing And Engagement

Social Media Curation And Management

We curate, custom copy write and manage social media for your brand with a well-knit multi-platform Social Strategy to create maximum exposure and increased customer base.

Automated Social and Email Marketing

A combined marketing effort via Social Media, Brand Website & Email communication is crucial for growing sales. We engage potential buyer base through our Advanced Marketing Automation.

Premium Webinars And Presentations

Webinars and Podcasting are the way to go in today’s hyper-informed world. We help you connect, engage and add value to your potential audience pool through the power of Podcasting & Webinars.


Creating & Upskilling Leaders and Teams

C-Level Coaching

Empower your Brand and Team by creating a Leadership Pack that delivers outstanding results and success. We coach C-Level Executives 1-on-1 and in small groups for industry specific requirements.

Individual Coaching

Individuals often struggle with finding training that is specific not only to their profession but also cater to their own personality. We provide focused 1-on-1 custom training to Individuals to up their game!

Group Coaching

A cohesive team is a key to a successful brand story. Our Team Development Training plans focus on the industry specific requirements, competition and skillset to strengthen your team(s).


We Are The Maniacs Who Work Tirelessly On Helping You Dream Big & Making It Happen


We create, curate and cultivate the right synergy, content, and strategy for brands to create a lasting relationship with their target audience.


We encourage to empower interactions and engage to foster loyal relationships between our clients & their audience.


We liaise with brand and community stakeholders to leverage opportunities of leadership across B2B and B2C spectrum.

Dreamaniac™ R&D Center


FREE Public Webinars, Paid Web Consultations and Subscription Based On-Going Consultations

Dreamaniac™ Whitepapers

Learning Resources including Tips & Tricks, Reviews, and Case-Studies by Global Top Experts


  • Szebastian is not only a very good and honest colleague but also an inspiring strategist. Szebastian did not fail a single time. Experienced expert with lots of knowledge in his field. He denotes a lot of analytical capability and willingness for his both personal & professional development. His high background and intelligence makes Szebastian able to solve any project he has to work on.

    Steven Krohn
    Steven Krohn Online Traffic Consultant, Krohn Media, Texas
  • Szebastian is an experienced and energetic social media entrepreneur, with a love for digital technologies. He is also a strong supporter of equal rights everywhere!

    Michael J. D. Warner
    Michael J. D. Warner CEO, ThunderReach, New York
  • I don't often write testimonials but in the case of my Lifestyle Coaching sessions with Szebastian as part of his Leadership Services stream I have to make an exception. In a very short period of attending lifestyle coaching sessions directly with Szebastian himself - I have found myself very empowered and focused in my goals. Szebastian assisted me with an array of personal and professional issues that were acting as blockages to me achieving my personal goals when I was amidst a deep depression. His delivery framework really helps you create an action plan to materialize your goals and overcome your self-imposed obstacles.

    Eigenbrötler Mid-Level Management Professional, MELBOURNE
  • Customer Service and Excellence Driven Staff; Always transparent about processes and results drive the reach of your business immensely. Szebastian is an exceptional leader, and I am not surprised he has been named one of the top leadership experts in the world. Everyone goes over and beyond for you, and I am so proud and happy to work with this team

    Ginni Saraswati
    Ginni Saraswati Host & Executive Producer, The Ginni Show, Melbourne & New York
  • Szebastian and his team of amazing professionals are simply the best in the business, extremely knowledgeable, super friendly and the best people I could ask for to be behind my business!

    Billy Byrnes
    Billy Byrnes Director, Actively Burnz, Victoria
  • Szebastian's team is very helpful, proficient and customer-friendly. They made my life so easy in my technical projects - it has changed the way I go about doing my business with reduced effort and rapidly enhanced results.

    Cheryl M
    Cheryl M SOHO Owner, Wisconsin
  • Szebastian has always emerged as a team leader because of his sincerity and overall multifaceted personality.

    Chris Lee Jabines
    Chris Lee Jabines Deputy Head of School, Management Development Institute, Singapore
  • Quality services provided not only on time but early, Szebastian lives to exceed expectations, not just meet them. Recommended highly!

    Megan Reilly
    Megan Reilly CEO, The Story Is Yours, Los Angeles
  • Szebastian is a compassionate and dedicated professional that has been assisting me with refining my personal and professional goals for some time now. I am fortunate to have Szebastian as a coach, and mentor.

    Anthony Wolfe
    Anthony Wolfe Management Professional, Melbourne
  • When it comes to Branding Szebastian knows exactly what's needed to make a brand shine online. His company took over my online presence and significantly improved the quality almost immediately. His team added style to go with the great content, which just made it leap off the page and generate great engagement. If you want to stand out online, then I highly recommend Szebastian.com

    Gordon Tredgold
    Gordon Tredgold Founder CEEO, Leadership Principles LLC, Florida
  • Szebastian and his team worked tirelessly and with a passion for getting my partner's website online, up and running from scratch. I would highly recommend this company. Thank you!

    Lynne S
    Lynne S Owner, SRM, Victoria
  • Absolutely Excellent costumer service, brilliant staff, they are very helpful. The best person and leader I can tell is Szebastian, always very helpful, his knowledge and experience and creativity that he put into the business, it shows in the world, and people love it! Because they help them and that is what we need to help, create a better world. I live in UK and thanks to the Team of Szebastian I am where I am, in very successful life, I am very happy and proud to say that they are the best I have been working with! I am looking forward to working with this team in future.

    Duri D
    Duri D Actor, Fashion & Fitness Model, London

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