Diversify Your Online Presence (Bonus Tip on FB Data Transfer)

I always insist on three things when it comes to YOUR content on Social Media

  1. SAVE ORIGINAL CONTENT ELSEWHERE: No matter what you are posting, if it is a Photo, Video and Elaborate Copy/Article of your own, save the original content elsewhere too. Not just on your phone or laptop but also on more than one Cloud Locations and/or external drives. If it is important to you today, it will be important to you tomorrow. Don’t wait till you are at a place where you find yourself saying ‘All my data is on ABC platform, I cannot lose it’. Keep the power of control of your data in your hands.
  2. DIVERSIFY YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE: You may prefer one social media platform or other, still Diversify, Diversify, Diversify and also .. in case you need to hear it .. DIVERSIFY. Post same content on various platforms (not all by same brand) and create/have a website where a version of most your content is also available. Remember, you are ‘free loaders on someone else’s land’ on Social Media Platforms. You can whine all you like, but it is up to the land owner how long and why they let you stay.
  3. BUILD YOUR CONTACT LIST: Use authentic tools to create, build and maintain a contact list. Use reliable Newsletter platforms and contact your list at least once a month to stay alive in their memory. Dead/Inactive contact list is as good as not existing. Remember again, backup this list too. Own your own content.

Last but not the least, when on another’s land and in shared community space, follow the guidelines and be respectful until you own your own land when you can make your own rules.

Still being kind hurts no one… generally .. oh I am so tempted to get political lol.

Hope this helps and here is a little how-to on how to transfer your Facebook Photos and Videos to Google Photos.

In your facebook profile,

  • Step 1 – Go To >> SETTINGS
  • Step 2 – Go To >> Your Facebook Information
  • Step 3 – Go To >> Transfer Your Facebook Information
  • Step 4 – Go To >> You will be prompted to verify your login
  • Step 5 – Click on >> Choose Destination and follow on-screen prompts.

I have attached a screen-grab just in case.

Yes it is in Kindergarten look of Facebook, since we all live in Baby Fences and Time-out mostly anyway….. sarcastic .. me .. never!
Did I scream enough times … maintain the backup elsewhere.. outside the digital platforms???

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