Are Experts Making You Feel Like A Fraud?

The entire culture of Experts that is making you feel like you need to fake it till you make it, is the reason you feel like an impostor – Szebastian Onne. 

Who has enough knowledge?

How much knowledge is enough?

We have ‘created’ this world of ‘Experts’ and ‘Gurus’ where it is now ‘established’ that what they say, and how they do things, is the only accurate way of being successful. We are required to fit into the ‘categories’ of ‘labels’ and ‘boxes’ that they have created to be considered ‘certifiably’ trustworthy.
If we don’t do it how they ‘expertly delivered’ to us, we are setting ourselves for failure.

They have the ‘secret sauce’ of success and we must attend their ‘life transforming mastermind events’ to be validated as ‘good enough to work’ with.
We don’t question how exactly they started and got where they are. We accept what they tell us to be true, and we feel in awe of their ‘having come this far’.
But how often have you questioned their ‘having come this far’ other than what you have read in their biographies, websites and everyone publishing their interviews.

How often have you validated their version with a fact-finding mission?

Why would you?
You are satisfied with ‘following the Guru’ and start molding yourself into the ‘shape cutter’ they have provided you to fit into and remove all the extra ‘bits’ that are hanging out of the shape you are ‘expected to be in’.

We are now successfully inducted into a ‘cult of ego’ where the number 1 priority becomes ‘how we need to look like doing things and achieving success’. The real priority, our GOAL now takes a backseat because it all becomes about needing to appear like we are succeeding, rather than actually working on succeeding.

When the GOAL becomes our number 1 priority, we start shedding our ego. We stop being embarrassed about our failures, shortcomings, weaknesses and we start focusing on what we need to learn, how we need to do it and what steps we need to take to get to that next level in our journey.

We are ‘trained’ to ‘Make it Big’ or ‘Go Home’. How often have you truly heard ‘Go Big or Go Home!’ – often enough to say you have even cheered on and jumped on the bandwagon of a Big Name that said, ‘You could become like me!’

Now ask yourself this – how many of these gurus/experts have you seen to be like another guru/expert?

Or did you just now realize they are all unique in their style and how they do things and they are often known for defying the norms.

What does that tell you?
Yes, all these experts, gurus, celebrity speakers, famous influencers have some value to add in journey of many people. Don’t get me wrong, they got there because they had something that made heads turn and ears standing like curious puppies. They did something great enough that they started getting paid big bucks just for standing on the stage, speaking a few hours and having people in tears, almost like worshipping these ‘experts’.

Yes, they do have that knowledge.
Yes, they do have a skill.

But why is it okay for you to believe that they know something so great that only they can help you tide over your struggles and you no more can thrive unless you are guided by them?

How do you know their knowledge is enough for YOUR success journey?
How do you know their knowledge is the one you need to find your path?

Hence question the ‘Experts and Gurus’ who actually do introduce themselves as such.

There was a time I wrote ‘Expert’ in my introduction, until I realized, I will never be an expert, and no one can ever become one.

We are all learning, we are all students, for the entire time we are alive.
Because, wouldn’t an EXPERT never need to learn again, try again, grow again?

Well they are an expert, so they don’t need anything anymore, right? WRONG!

We all need to keep learning, growing, failing, learning from failure and doing better the next time, and become a Learned Professional with the knowledge and skills to handle a lot of things smartly but none of us will ever be experts.

So we need to stop trying to be ‘like an expert’ and stop burdening ourselves by comparing ourselves to the ‘influencers’ constantly focusing on trying to ‘build the followers’.
Instead, we need to focus on what we can bring to the table and how far can we take things to serve the purpose we truly believe to be our strength.
Learn more.

Spread the learning forward.

But don’t try to fit into the comparison box of ‘Enough knowledge’ or ‘as much knowledge as that person’ because there is no scale and measurement for true knowledge. We all have knowledge and we are all learning and we do not need to compare our success with theirs.
Learn from others, but walk on the path of your own vision, mission and milestones.

Create Your Own Story!
And stay humble about it!

We will learn a lot, but we will never have ‘enough knowledge’ because the day we think we ‘know enough’ we stop growing and we start falling behind and we become stagnant.
Keep learning and sharing like a professional who wants to serve, while constantly evolving.
Stop suffocating in the burden of comparison, feeling like a fraud or failure or both.

Only and only try to be better than yourself of yesterday because that is all you can be.

You are not them; you are you and the only person you can truly be better than is yourself of yesterday.
Once you have that CLARITY, you will be able to accept your TRUTH and you will find the COURAGE to go to the next level and be RESILIENT enough to handle any hurdle that comes your way. #CTCR.

Aim to INSPIRE yourself from within to influence communities and individuals using the power of creativity, engagement and leadership, that is guided by your experiences and courage not any comparison.

Clarity. Truth. Courage. Resilience.


Header Featured Photo Courtesy: Parth Piplani


  • solidparent

    I absolutely love your thoughts here. I grew up being fed the line fake it till you make it. I have always strived to lead with excellence, I think because of that philosophy. Great post here with a lot of thought provoking information!

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