Where’d my Facebook Notifications go?

In a bizarre twist of events, while Facebook is still dealing with Cambridge Analytica conundrum, and Mark Zuckerburg is facing summons from various governments, something else happened.

No it is not as devastating but just interesting how the very bread and butter of Facebook – the NOTIFICATIONS stopped working at around 1500 Hours AEST, Melbourne time.  Or at least that is when we first noticed they were leading to Error 500 page!

Our tech’s got to testing, troubleshooting and ordering extra coffees! (just thought will throw that in there!) And after about 2 hours of clearing caches, trying different networks and platforms it was decided the notifications are in fact amiss from Facebook’s end.

Oh Boy! If such a big brand can have Error 500, who the heck are we??


And then they were go, went and gone!

But all is not upended in Facebook heaven. These are just the Business Page notifications so your individual profile notifications should still be working fine. They are working for us!

So dear business brands, bloggers, celebrities, vloggers, artists …. hang in there… knowing Facebook this should be resolved soon … or become global trend in their own ‘Trending’ – either way, they will get to it fast enough.

Facebook cannot have more bad press and this could not have come at at worse time. So here’s hoping for the sake of beloved Facebook

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