Five Things I am beginning to value MORE

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We are all on a journey of our own, however shared may our paths and stations be, the journey remains our own. So are the challenges, hurdles, learning and growth. We sure share a lot, contribute to each other’s journey’s too and give each other due credit but at the end of the day, we remain on our individual journey.

In my journey, these are the Five Things I am Beginning to Value MORE: 

  1. I need to VALUE my own health & personal happiness MORE.
  2. I need to STOP worrying about everyone else’s problem, they are theirs, not mine. Just like my problems are mine, and they cannot make them theirs.
  3. I need to LET others fight their battles, be understanding, supportive & compassionate but don’t be ‘in-charge’ of their battles.
  4. I need to STOP feeling responsible for other’s shortcomings. If someone is incapable, incompetent, afraid – I can guide them, inspire them but cannot be held responsible for their shortcomings of failure. It is a burden for them to deal with.
  5. I need to say NO, more OFTEN, when I do not want to say YES. I am helpful, I am understanding and I am always keen to help but I MUST NOT agree to do something for someone if I do not have the time, resource, energy and/or ability to do it for them. I cannot continue to keep saying yes, because I feel bad about saying NO their expectations. Sometimes, NO is the best favor you can do.

Our journey may be sometimes together, sometimes alone. We can be there for each other, we can even be very supportive, instrumental and valuable for each other BUT we cannot fight each other’s battle and we most certainly cannot take over each other’s challenges and swap fortunes.

Realizing this a bit more each day, valuing this a lot more each minute, I am beginning to be a happier person. Most people are supportive, some judgmental and others disgruntled but for me what matters most is, my conscience is clear and my soul is happy. I am doing ME and I am content with that.

In the end- We get, what we work for!

Szebastian Onne

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