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#almostNaked Coffee with Twitter

Insider Training for the beginner to intermediate Twitter users for attracting authentic & quality twitter followers using Compliant methods.

$59.99 per seat
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Struggling With Growing Your Twitter Followers?

Have you ever made one of the following or similar statements about twitter?

‘I don’t really understand twitter, let alone gaining followers!’
‘I have no clue how to get people to start following me on twitter’
‘I post great content, yet I don’t see much action on my twitter’

That won’t be the case after you attend this LIVE webinar with Szebastian, who will strip off the mysteries around twitter. He will help you learn in very simple steps how to grow your Twitter followers and boost your engagement with little to no spending on paid advertising.


In this webinar, you will learn:

Twitter Setup: First Impressions Matter
Twitter Security: Hack Proofing Your Account
Standard Bad Practice: What They Are Doing Wrong
Curation versus Creation: Importance of Authentic Content
Social Strategy: Niche, Schedule, Content, Quality & Automation
Public Relations: Customer Service, Networking, Liaisons
Twitter Compliance: Do’s, Don’ts and MUST NOTs!


Introduction to Advanced Breakfast With Twitter*

*this is a quick intro to the next level of training. The ‘Advanced Breakfast with Twitter’ is available for a fee.


Details In Your Local Time Zone

ACCESS: Registration Required
DURATION: 50 + 10 Minutes (Webinar + Q&A)
RESOURCES: It is advised that you attend this webinar via a web browser on a Computer for best quality. You may also use a Mobile Device but Web interface is the best option.

Webinar will go LIVE at 1300 Hours AEST on Thursday, December 21, 2017 – Sydney time. See the Date & Time Guide below for details in your nearest time zone.

Thursday, Dec 21 at 1300 Hours or 1 PM AEST (Melbourne/Sydney – AUS)
Thursday, Dec 21 at 0730 Hours or 7.30 AM IST (Mumbai/New Delhi – IND)
Thursday, Dec 21 at 0200 Hours or 2 AM GMT (London, UK)
Wednesday, Dec 20 at 2100 Hours or 9 PM EST (New York, USA)
Wednesday, Dec 20 at 1800 Hours or 6 PM PST (Los Angeles, USA)


FREEBIES worth over $50 & Lifetime Discount!

During the webinar you will receive following FREEBIES & DISCOUNTS:

  • eBook: Step-by-step Guide To Creating Your Twitter Social Strategy [Worth $19.99]
  • eBook: How NOT To Become An Offender In Twitter’s Book [Worth $19.99]
  • eWhitepaper: #almostNaked Journey: Curation versus Creation [Worth $15.99]
  • Gift Voucher: Worth $500 for one lucky participant chosen by lucky draw.
  • Discount: 20% Lifetime Discount for ALL participants on ALL Services

We will help you make your twitter handle compliant, authentic and engaging!


Szebastian Onne, the ‘almostNakedCEO’

Szebastian is ranked among TOP 100 Experts in Social Media, Branding & Public Relations, to follow on twitter. He is also among TOP 500 Online Influencers in Branding & Leadership. Szebastian has trained over 9000 Professionals in a variety of high-end technologies including Microsoft and Cisco products.

His consulting & coaching clientele include but are not limited to Public Figures in the Hollywood, Leadership Experts in US, UK, Australia. He has also helped launch successful brands for entrepreneurs in Entertainment, Fitness, Speaking, Spiritual, Activism, Marketing, Technology and much more.

Don’t forget to check out the story behind his title ‘almostNakedCEO‘ and it is not what you think!


Did you know?

  • Our offices have a total of 14 Pet Animals
  • Our Pets included 5 Dogs, 3 Cats, 2 Horses, 1 Ferret, 1 Mouse & 2 Birds
  • Our Pet-In-Chiefs have their own Twitter Handle & more than 2000 followers
  • Our Pet-In-Chiefs are doggy father and son

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*This Webinar is available absolutely FREE for first 100 seats. Next 50 seats are available for a fee of $59.99 per seat. First come first serve. Advanced Breakfast With Twitter is a separate course available for a fee and conducted 1-on-1 or in small groups of 5 attendee’s.

You will need to click the link sent to your email to confirm your seat if you are registering for the first time with us. If registered, you will receive a link to the recording of the webinar within a few days after the LIVE webinar. You can change your subscription options anytime. We do not share your details with any third party. 

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Led by our Founder, and #almostNakedCEO – Szebastian Onne, who is ranked among Top 100 Experts in Public Relations, Branding, Leadership and Business Coaching, globally on twitter – Our experts empower your brand with – Extensive Brand Research | Focused Brand Vision | Branding Strategy | Brand Identity Creation | Brand Management – All this has been Researched, Developed and Successfully Implemented on multiple international brands by Szebastian himself.

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