G’day, I am Szebastian.

My #INSPIRE InfluenCEL helps established Leaders and aspiring Influencers  alike, through bespoke coaching, virtual training and managed delegation. My team and I do the hard yards enabling and empowering you to Dream Big as together, we Make It Happen!

Me, almost Naked and the #INSPIRE team

About Me and Dreaming Big

Hello, I am Szebastian, and let’s face it you don’t care about my multiple degrees, diplomas, and international certifications or my professional experience. All you want to know is that I am educated, achiever and successful in any challenge I accept. What you are interested in finding out is that I can do the job you want to hire me for – helping you ‘Dream Big’ and ‘Make It Happen’ for you with the help of my InfluenCEL Team & your Leadership.Yes, you will succeed. Our #INSPIRE InfluenCEL continues to empower and enable one after another influencer or aspirer unleash their true potential and realize their entrepreneurial dreams. We know what it takes to get you there, and how to be there for you – in logic, strategy and action to make it happen for you with our #INSPIRE team.

Why ‘almost Naked’?

I do not want to hide the struggles, failures or blunders I committed in the process of finding true success. Instead, I believe in sharing the knowledge far and wide, and when possible for FREE. I also believe there is no need for closed-door meetings in a workplace where everyone is working together for the mutual growth of clients, our brand and themselves. Hence, most of our meetings with staff, clients, contractors, visitors are open-door. The only exception being the processes and information protected by the Privacy Laws and Industry Ethical Standards to maintain safe and fair business environment for our teams and clients. Together, the team and I termed this approach as the ‘almostNaked’ policy, and that made me the ‘almostNakedCEO’. Go figure!


The #INSPIRE journey began with the struggles I faced living in a new culture and country trying to find my ground, hanging between survival and failure. I discovered the need for a well-coordinated Creation, Engagement and Leadership strategy. Having seen unemployment, homelessness and starvation, I knew I had to do something. I found the strength to stand strong and thrive despite the challenges before me. I decided then, I will do all my power to enable, empower and stand with every aspiring dreamer I could, who needed just that little push to find their mojo, and become a positive influence and role-model for their community. Hence, the #INSPIRE InfluenCEL was born.

brand ambassadors

  • Santosh
    Santosh President & Chief Relations Officer
  • Eddie
    Eddie Chief Strategy Officer
  • Sue
    Sue Chief Organization Officer
  • Sunny
    Sunny President - Finance & Compliance


  • Carolyn
    Carolyn VP - Compliance
  • Alicia
    Alicia Executive Producer (Broadcasting)
  • Maribel
    Maribel Director (Community Welfare)
  • Eleni
    Eleni Money Mindset Coach
  • Melissa
    Melissa People Care Coordinator
  • Bash
    Bash Client Liaison Manager
  • Nick
    Nick Creative Development Manager
  • Sanjit
    Sanjit Associate Manager (A-PAC)
  • Keerthi
    Keerthi Sr. Content Manager
  • Lionell
    Lionell Visual Effects Editor
  • Urnima
    Urnima Production Manager
  • Ryan T
    Ryan T Creative Design Officer
  • Dhruv
    Dhruv Live Studio Producer
  • Dimitrius
    Dimitrius Sr. Process Officer
  • August
    August Social Growth Officer
  • Appeleite
    Appeleite Compassion Officer
  • Gwenny Byles
    Gwenny Byles Calmness Officer
  • Milly Ruth-Sue
    Milly Ruth-Sue Adorability Officer
  • Jerry & Winston
    Jerry & Winston Prank-a-lot Officers
  • Chocolaite & Cider
    Chocolaite & Cider Efficiency Officers

Compliance Finance Advisory

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