G’day, I am Szebastian.

My #INSPIRE InfluenCEL helps established Leaders and aspiring Influencers  alike, through bespoke coaching, virtual training and managed delegation. My team and I do the hard yards enabling and empowering you to Dream Big as together, we Make It Happen!

Founding Partners

  • Santosh
    Santosh President & Chief Relations Officer
  • Szebastian
    Szebastian Founder, almostNakedCEO
  • Sue
    Sue Chief Organization Officer
  • Eddie
    Eddie Chief Strategy Officer


  • Sunny
    Sunny President - Finance & Compliance
  • Carolyn
    Carolyn VP - Compliance
  • Keerthi
    Keerthi Engagement Director
  • Carol
  • Maribel
    Maribel Director (Community Welfare)
  • Alicia
    Alicia Executive Producer ( Media )
  • Sanjit
    Sanjit Creatives Producer
  • Dhruv
    Dhruv Strategy Officer
  • Appeleite
    Appeleite Compassion Officer
  • Gwenny Byles
    Gwenny Byles Calmness Officer
  • Milly Ruth-Sue
    Milly Ruth-Sue Adorability Officer
  • Jerry & Winston
    Jerry & Winston Prank-a-lot Officers
  • Chocolaite & Cider
    Chocolaite & Cider Efficiency Officers

Compliance Finance Advisory

All Prices mentioned on our website are in US Dollars. We accept payments from our worldwide clientele via PayPal. US based clients can also use Xoom for Wire Transfers for faster processing. Clients in India can Transfer via NEFT or UPI. Some services require complete prepayment, or up to 40% Advance before commencement of work. All services attract GST extra. eBooks, Guides, Whitepapers are managed under copyright. Terms of Service & Fair Staffing Policy Apply.

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