#almostNaked with your Brand Manager

Important Tips for a productive relationship with your brand manager/team

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Duration: 60 minutes

Branding is the key to everything your business is about. From design to the motto, and from mission to vision, not to mention product/services to the customer experience. This is why today more and more companies hire dedicated Branding Professionals.

Your Brand Manager is your business spouse. You cannot hide things from them, nor can you cheat on them or go on your own doing things without including them. Join this webinar to understand the importance of a Brand’s relationship with its Brand Manager and why you just EFF it up!

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almost Naked CEO - Szebastian Onne

Szebastian is among TOP 100 Experts to follow on Twitter for Social Media, Branding, Public Relations, Marketing, Leadership & Business Coaching,  (ECMarketing) since 2016. He also features in TOP 100 Online Influencer & TOP 10 #Cloud Global Power Influencer (Rise) as well is TOP 100 Online Influencer & TOP 10 #Cloud Global Power Influencer, with rapid Twitter Followers growth. (Rise)

With over eight years of expertise in Social Media, Branding & Business Coaching, he has helped several businesses, c-level executives, teams, and thousands of individuals since beginning his career at the age of 16. In combined experience of more than 18 years, Szebastian has worked with Business Leaders, Entertainment Entrepreneurs, Fashion/Modelling/Fitness Professionals, Spiritual Figures, Social Cause Campaigners and Hollywood Celebrities among an extensive list of esteemed clientele.

He is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and has two personal mottos in his life – #DreamBigMakeItHappen and #InspireProgress.

Fun Facts
  • almost Naked ideology of Szebastian is about being as transparent with the stakeholders as legally and ethically possible.
  • The biggest hurdle for any brand is often the ego of the executives and not the branding itself.

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