Why am I the ‘almostNakedCEO’ ?

Hello, I am Szebastian, and let’s face it you don’t care about my multiple degrees, diplomas, and international certifications or my professional experience, except for establishing that I did study and work. What you are interested in finding out IS, if I can do the job you want to hire me for – Bare Your True Potential, and if you will recognize your strengths better and will be armed to shoo your weaknesses away.  Yes, you will be, and I will hide almost nothing – being the almostNakedCEO.’ Don’t worry, I am qualified and not literally ‘Naked’ just maybe the normal Melbournian topless ha ha(See for yourselves). I am also very proud to introduce you to the fantastic Szebastian.com team. 


Meet My Team

brand ambassadors

  • Santosh
    Santosh President & Chief Relations Officer
  • Sue
    Sue Chief Organization Officer
  • Eddie
    Eddie Chief Strategy Officer

operations team

  • Matthew
    Matthew President (Compliance)
  • Carolyn
    Carolyn VP (Compliance)
  • Juan
    Juan VP (Finance)
  • Kat
    Kat Compliance Team Leader

Production & Administration

  • Anthony
    Anthony Sr. Communications Consultant
  • Snowden
    Snowden Production Team Leader
  • Parker
    Parker Chief of Staff
  • Melissa
    Melissa People Care Coordinator
  • Ryan
    Ryan Research Specialist
  • Reena
    Reena Senior Process Engineer
  • Glai
    Glai Asst. Leader - Prodgagement™
  • Lhen
    Lhen Prodgagement™ Associate