Own Your Data Before the Regret ‘O’​ Clock Hits!

Back-up, Back-up, and Back-up

Diversify, Diversify and freaking Diversify!!!!

Do you regularly download your social media data and store in more than one location in case one location crashes or becomes in accessible? NO? Well you should.

  • Download: I download my data from all social sites, which allow you to (and these days almost all do!) every 3 months. But now I have begun downloading Monthly because you never know.
  • Multi-Backup: I keep the recent two backups (because 95% will be same content downloaded again and then more comes in each month with your activity) and delete old ones to manage space as well as to keep it simple.
  • Build A List: Build a contact list, use authentic and CAN-SPAMM compliant methods. Stay connected outside a single platform
  • Diversify: Don’t stick to a single platform, be present and active on multiple platforms
  • Independent Existence: Make sure to have your own website and back-up that too. You don’t want to drive your entire brand just via Social media only.

I hope you are already doing all of these, if not, start YESTERDAY!

Remember it is ENTIRELY your business to protect your business and be risk ready at all times. Especially how fast technology and society is changing in our times.

If you don’t …. don’t say I didn’t warn ya!!

Here’s a visual re-cap if that’s how you prefer things

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