Make people smile, with your ‘Power of Influence’

Do you know, we all have the amazing ‘Power of Influence’ within us and we use it nearly every day?

No, you don’t need training or magic or super powers to influence others around you because you are doing it already consciously or subconsciously. The real question is, are you making any conscious efforts to use this ‘power’ for a planned cause. More importantly, do you have a cause that drives your actions, conscious or subconscious, to influence lives of others on everyday basis?

Most people will claim their lives are too busy to make an effort to influence others, or that they cannot be bothered with lives of others. NOT TRUE!

Every single day, every single moment and, with every single action of yours- you are influencing lives, whether or not there is a conscious effort involved in the process. You are making a difference, be it a positive one or negative, it is happening because of you. Just like their actions are influencing the choices that you make in your life. However, you can make a conscious effort to use your ‘power of influence’ to bring about a positive change and spread happiness in lives of those around you.

“I don’t have the time!” you say?

Well, what if I told you, that you don’t need extra time, effort or planning to transform your power of influence into ‘Power of Positive Influence’ – all you need to do is, put yourself in other’s shoes and think how you would like to be treated by others when they speak to you. It could be a colleague, a family member of a friend. Let’s throw a postal clerk and a delivery boy in the equation as well – just an acquaintance, or might even be a total stranger. It does make a difference if they smile when you speak to them, or ask you how you were, but not like a social-robot we have become these days. Instead, they may have a genuine courtesy and care in their tone which speaks for itself. And, if they are smiling, cheerful and courteous it might make your day or improve the quality of your experience.

SOInc Nov 09Now, if you treated others in the same way, you are influencing others. Sometimes, in how they feel and sometimes in making decisions and choices that affect them directly. And you are doing this, without interfering. You might be doing this by being positive, or sharing some information that they really could use your guidance in; or point them in the direction where they can find the right answers. Either way, you are making a positive contribution to their lives and you are influencing how they feel, react, act and make decisions in their day.

So, if you are greeting them with a smile, and leaving them with a smile on their face, whether it is because of how nicely you treated them or how useful the information was to them, that you share, or even something you said or did encouraged them to be positive about the reason you two interacted for.

In a gist, if you can make others smile by just doing the same things you do, but with a positive tone and constructive attitude – you are using the ‘Power of Influence’ in the smartest way you can.

And remember, as they say, ‘What goes around, comes around!’


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