Szebastian.Com Privacy Policy [also in TSOUS]

[UPDATED March 08, 2012 – Amendments are date stamped in their respective sections]

We are proud to maintain very secure Operating Environment, Strict Data & Information Security Compliance to our Company Policy and Legal Responsibilities. Our valuable clients trust us because of our stringent data security adherence. We do not access or store any data or information that is not directly required for troubleshooting or setup purpose, or has not been agreed to in the License. We do not store, sell or distribute your personal information at any point in time.

Any storage of your technical code, software, logins, website database, social media content or backup is strictly for providing services, identifying the cause of technical concern & troubleshooting and is removed as soon as we finish conducting tests and troubleshooting. We maintain backup of your agreed data only till the time of active License. If a License is Expired, Cancelled and/or Revoked you are required to take backup and control of your information within 14 working days. After this period we will not and do not maintain a record of your project(s).

Our Value-Added Services & Growth partners works in full compliance of our terms, and are authorized to contact you for providing these services. They are also authorized to charge you for Value-Added Services. You are welcome to request a list of our Growth Partners at any time and one will be furnished to you within 7 working days of your written request submitted via CEL-RQ. and its Growth Partnersdo not indulge in any behavior analysis or data storage at any time. also do not indulge in any identification of gender, origin, religion, orientation, political leaning/behavior, race, region, or any similar private traits of our valuable clients. We do not sell any information of our valuable clients to any third party ever.

All Prices are in US Dollars.  Secure Payment via PayPal. GST is applicable Extra. eBooks, Guides, Whitepaper managed under copyright. Terms of Service Apply. 

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