What does a Profile Photo mean to you?

What does your Profile Photo mean to you, and your network?

To me it represents what I am offering to people who have welcomed me to there journey, and whom I have welcomed to be part of my journey, however short or long we share a road or few together.

This is my 2020-Preparation Profile Photo and it has the meaning, message and intention with which I am marching towards 2020 with #CTCR (Clarity. Truth. Courage. Resilience)

Here is what this photo represents for me –

1. Eye Contact: I intend to look Life, Business, Relationships, Health, Community, Politicians, Students, Mentors, Family, Fur-Babies and everyone right in the eye with a confident, ‘I got you’ and ‘together we will Dream Big and Make It Happen’ assurance.

2. TRAIN: I let myself go since 2014, especially when it comes to my fitness. Having grown up severely underweight, it took me 8 Years to build up and be the weight, physique and person I wanted to be and feel confident about myself. Since I broke-up with my violent and abusive ex-partner I immersed myself in work, philanthropy and serving others but repeatedly ignored my own fitness and health. In 2020 (in fact right now) I want to be the best version of myself. And I have already begun the work. By the time 2020 is here, I want already show myself what I am capable of. So I shall continue to TRAIN no matter what. And I have already deputed two Accountability Buddies who will be my reality check. Screw you Heart Attack, Cancer and Mental Illness, I am much stronger than you all combined.

3. INSPIRE InfluenCEL: A phrase I initiated in 2008 and has since been applying to all aspects of my life, INSPIRE Creativity (C), Engagement (E) and Leadership (L) to influence brands, community and individuals to Dream Big and Make it Happen, with love, honor and kindness for themselves and those around them. Starting now and in 2020 I want to make it the buzz work in my network and beyond that will empower others to change the world, one grin at a time!

4. BLACK TOP: represents simple, minimal, direct approach I will reinforce in my dealings which really has been the so called ‘super power’ that took me form being Homeless to being the CEO of three brands.

5. BLUE Side Panel: represents the Corporate World and Style that I love and enjoy will be bigger part of who I am and how I operate. I promote a very casual yet organized work culture and I aim to do that more and more going forward to bring the best of both worlds – Fun but means Business!

6. WHITE Background: Represents the Truth, Purity and Determination that drives me to be who I am and to become the best version of myself, that I can be, every single day.

With flaws and foolishness, I aim to continue to #INSPIREinfluenCEL

Join me in creating a legacy that will continue beyond our lives.

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