Sportsmen – Are they the new Gods?

Have you noticed off late in the news, sportsmen practically getting away with almost everything – an offense that can send a common man to jail for months or years; a sportsman earning millions is slapped with $5000-$10,000 fine – and then we see him doing something similar very soon and we wonder why he did not learn from first offense… yes you guessed it right for him a few thousands is like a parent saying ‘you are grounded for 5 minutes’ not even a slap on the wrist.

And no it is not because they earn a lot and can pay these hefty (not hefty with their pay package though) fines – it is because they are the Sports Gods! Pick up any news paper, turn on any news channel or sports channel – you’ll find at least one piece of news about some sportsman having done something that was against the law of the land. And in same breathe you’ll hear that they were slapped with a $5000 fine and 2 day ban from playing the game.

Now, if y0u were to commit same ‘mistake’ what do you think will be the consequences, let’s assume for a minute you are willing to pay $5000.00 too. First of all, do you think a decision on your fate will be made same month, let alone same day? Yes, I have my doubts too! Not only you will be condemned for the shameful act you committed, plus a fine plus don’t be surprised if next few weeks of your life are spent in jail and media paints you as an evil person. Whereas player – let’s give him a fictitious name ‘Invinci’ – will just be slapped with a $5000 fine which is most likely less than 1% of his annual salary, and then his management will call a press conference where he will say how sorry he is –and voila – he is no more a criminal and instead had bagged 3 more contracts to appear on product advertising for a ‘bad boy energy drink’ or ‘super power tablets’!

Leaves you thinking doesn’t it? You wonder, aren’t these sportsmen the kids from our next street who happened to be good at the game, but what on earth earned them the right to be above the law and why IS the law scared to punish them fairly and equally to any other person on the street who would commit the same offence and pay much heavier cost for his actions. Today’s sportsmen get caught with drugs, charged with rape, gangbangs, involvement with underworld – yet they play freely and get more publicity free of cost. Remember the repeat offenders who have let their teams down, clubs were ashamed of having them and what happened – oh so sad they were sold to other clubs… oh hang on… they did not lose any money and got more fame and can still play and still spend time with their family and still carry on with their ways. What a tough punishment …NOT!

So, I think I’d be right to say if you notice your child is out of control and possible future ‘offender’ hurry up and get him to join a sport in which he can excel – because not only he will become a successful sportsman but also he will be welcome to commit most crimes with least cost and/or punishment and he’ll jut be considered a ‘naughty boy’ who everyone loves. Or even better why don’t we introduce a clause in our constitution that says, Sportsmen are exempted from all punishments. That way our hard working law enforcement agencies will not have to waste their time and money on these sportsmen and if we get hit by a sportsman we’ll already know there is no use filing a case as they are exempted anyway. But oh, hang on, then how will these ‘naughty boys’ get the publicity’? Now I get it, Police & Media are the publicity servants employed to make these bad boys famous – now that solves the mystery!

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    I am not into sports and I don’t really pay attention nor follow their private and public lives. Generally speaking, I always believe that cats and dogs don’t have the same luck. Some get punished, others don’t. I guess that’s life. As they say, all is fair in love and war. But I get where you’re coming from and understand your point.

  • Kristi McAllister

    I think you are so right one about this! I feel like more and more, sportsmen (as well as some our other leaders here in the U.S.) are getting away with literal murder when it comes to those sort of allegations! I truly believe that old saying about “money talks” is true, and in my humble opinion, every single one of us, ‘famous’ or not, should be held liable for our actions. Not only that, there should always be other consequences other than the proverbial slap on the wrist. Great post, as usual.

  • Melanie williams

    I completely hear you on this one, they do seem to have a god like status. Things need to be non bias and profession should have nothing to do with it x

  • Makeup Discourse

    I am into sports but I keep my interest restricted to them on field. I don’t pay much attention to what or how they are in their private lives. But I agree that media and police are publicity servants who actually make them famous.

  • Aine Mulloy

    Very interesting idea, I don’t really follow any sports myself but great to see players in the states using their platforms for good

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