Terms of Alpha Offer

  1. The ‘Alpha Offer’ is only available for a limited time and is a one-time offer which will not be repeated ever again in the future.
  2. The Alpha Services bundled together are chosen by our experts to include the best features and benefits from a wide range of standard plans but may also include some customized benefits only made available for this offer and may not be available in any other standard services.
  3. The Alpha Services bundled together may exclude some features of our standard or high-end services. Some aspects of the services will be available for customization according to client needs to suit their industry and project. This customization is strictly at our discretion and we are not obliged to provide any features not expressly agreed upon and not listed in the Alpha Services bundle.
  4. Alpha Offer is only available to the NEW CLIENTS and not available to our existing or returning clientele.
  5. Alpha Offer is only valid upon full advance payment in US Dollars via PayPal. No other form of payment and/or payment arrangement is available on this offer.
  6. Various services in this bundle have their own SOL (Statute of Limit) and DOD (Duration of Delivery) and may vary from service to service.
  7. The entire service bundle will be delivered in and for maximum 45 days.
  8. The minimum delivery time required for any service is 10 Working days.
  9. You will be advised of various deliverables and deadlines within 3 working days of project commencement.
  10. We do require a variety of information from our valuable clients for various aspects of the project(s), at multiple stages and on regular basis. Clients are obliged to provide this information as per agreed timelines and minimum contribution necessary for a project to achieve its goals. Any delays due to non-availability or delays in the provision of this information, as required, may lead to delay in final delivery deadlines from our end and we will not be deemed responsible for the delays caused because of client-delays.
  11. Clients will need to share login information for various technical tools for us to perform our tasks diligently and efficiently. Some of these logins will remain shared until the SOL of the project(s). If a client changes these logins before the SOL completes, it can cause various aspects of the project to halt and our team will not be responsible for such halts and/or delays caused by login alterations from the end of the client.
  12. For various channels, our deputed experts of an assistant manager or higher level will require administrative privileges at all times during the project SOL.
  13. All login information must only be shared via our secure CEL-RQ system in a special ticket created by our Compliance Division for you. Do not email or share the information verbally or via any other mode. You will have access to a video tutorial on how to access our CEL-RQ from any device of your choice.
  14. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer, voucher or discount.
  15. Clients are required to attend First Consultation for a complete and clear understanding of the project. This consultation will be via a recorded Skype Call or 1 on 1 Webinar Meeting.
  16. The project will commence within 2 working days after the First Consultation and SOL will be applicable from the Commencement Date.
  17. This is a non-refundable offer, as we are already offering a whopping discount of US$10,296.00, we are in fact covering most of the actual costs and this minimum amount of US$999.00 is only to cover the various licensing & subscription fee required to execute your project.
  18. This offer is only available to One Project Per Person/Company. You may not delegate various individuals from the same company for multiple projects to take advantage of this offer.
  19. We reserve the right to deny this offer and service to anyone we perceive to be in violation of above terms and/or is a competitor and/or due to conflict of interest and/or any other grounds based on our ethical, legal and professional obligations. We will however never refuse to serve anyone because of their Race, Gender, Orientation, Religion, Region, Origin, Caste, Color, or any such form of discrimination. We are an Equal Opportunity brand and believe in serving all with equal love, honor, and diligence.
  20. All our services are covered by our Standard Terms of Services.

All Prices are in US Dollars.  Secure Payment via PayPal. GST is applicable Extra. eBooks, Guides, Whitepaper managed under copyright. Terms of Service Apply. 

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