Leadership is never about dictating how others will submit to your authority. The moment you expect others to submit to you, you are no more a leader but an oppressor. This stands true in all aspects of life – business, personal or social.

To lead we must be ready to learn, even from those who are younger, have a lesser degree or life experience and listen to their ideas, views, feedback as well as criticism.

It is in fact the biggest reality that those will less resources have more necessity and urge to overcome challenges and tend to be more creative about solutions they bring to the table.

To lead, we must be ready to accept the reality when failure happens. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t experienced failure you will never truly understand what needs to improve and what the real meaning of success is. Either you do not understand the reality or you are too busy pretending you do not know you failed. Either way, denial will not help you lead, acceptance and taking ownership of the failure will help you be better.

Leadership isn’t an award or authority. It is a responsibility.
It is when your role as a servant truly begins.
It is when things become about everyone else but you.
It is when your principles and people’s hopes must come together.

When you understand this, and implement it, you truly begin the journey of leadership with gratitude and sincerity.

to Lead, you must be ready to follow!

Clarity. Truth. Courage. Resilience.

Header Featured Photo Courtesy: MaddyArtsInc. 

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