Underwear Shoots, Bullying .. What now?

NOW, that I have your attention, please slide/swipe on Instagram (opens in a new tab) to see the remaining collage for an important community message.

Just above one fortnight is left, before 2020 knocks the door and says, ‘what are your goals for me?’

Many of us will make resolutions, follow them for 2.3 days and blame Karen when we drop out of our plan.

(PS: I hope you know the name Karen is being used around quite a bit in memes so no particular Karen is object of this posts attention, its all fictional, meme talk)

Many of us keep going no matter what. And many of us will hide our reality and put on a brave face while struggling with something really ugly, that we don’t want anyone to know.

For some, the change of month, year, week, day means NOTHING. Because they are dealing with something so horrible, so difficult, so humiliating that they are wishing somehow it could all end.

I was there once. I was bullied. At School. At University. In My Own Street. At Workplace. Even in Business. Believe it or not, bullies are everywhere and there is no ‘age-cap’ after which they stop.

In 2008, I stood up, spoke out, undressed …. both literally and figuratively of all my fears and shame. And got ‘almost Naked’ to declare, I am not scared of you anymore. I am not hiding. I am not running away. Here I am in my underwear (sometimes not even!) stand proud of my body, my failures, my lessons and my achievements. And I am going to fight you with courage, law and action.

So I did.

Over and again, I did. Even since 2008, including in 2019 I’ve again faced bullies but their attempts now don’t stop me. they fire me up MORE to speak out, stand up for myself and others and shut the bullies down.

Clarity. Truth. Courage. Resilience.

so …. have at it ..

2008 was the first year when I started posing in underwear. But it wasn’t about posing nearly naked.
It most certainly wasn’t about being a nudist, I am not one. Nor was it about fame, or attention.
It was about standing up and speaking out and showing the bullies, they have got nothing on me.
It was time to tell them, they cannot stop me. It was me announcing that they cannot break me.
Unfortunately, though, bullying continued even in professional life. Bullies crop up at the most
Unexpected places. I just had to learn, how to be strong enough to shut them down.
You don’t need to sympathize with me, because I know how to take them on and shut their traps.
What you need to do is, to understand from this and learn that you have a part to play to Stop Bullying.
Or your silence plays another part, where you are the power and supporter of the bully.

Is that who you want to be?

BULLYING is a Social Cancer that needs to be stopped.

Children are being bullied IN THE SCHOOL.
Youth are being bullied IN THE COLLEGE.
Grown-ups are being bullied AT WORKPLACE.
BULLYING is damaging someone’s PRESENT and FUTURE.
BULLYING is stealing a family’s JOY and CELEBRATION.
BULLYING is robbing an INDIVIDUAL of their SUCCESS.

If you know you have ever bullied anyone, think what your actions may have led to.
Be brave, reach out to the one you bullied and tell them you are sorry.
You will feel great and you will heal someone’s life for better.

If you know someone is bullying others, act – counsel if you can
Or report if you must, but protect people from becoming a victim
Right before your eyes just because you saw it but remained silent.

Speak out against the bully, no matter how powerful, how famous.

Unite the voice of community and let the bullies know, they gotta STOP.

Bullying kills. Don’t be a bully, don’t protect a bully, don’t stay silent!

Clarity. Truth. Courage. Resilience.

Header Featured Photo Courtesy: Genaro Servin


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