Our InfluenCEL Champion™ Culture


Success begins when you do what you love and you love what you do. At Szebastian.com we hire people by matching their passions with ours and boosting their enthusiasm by giving them the freedom to use their creativity to deliver exciting results. One day we are all in Business Suits and ties, and next day we are in short-shorts and singlets – because we are cool like that. We like fitness competitions, salad days, random painting sessions or even play with office pets during the work hours – and spend the work day like it is a picnic.


We make the work a funny thing, and then we play hard until the excitement of delivering dreams for our clients takes us nearly to maniac levels – because we are InfluenCEL Dreamaniacs™ – Yes, Yes, We are CUTE that way! And we are looking to invite similar Dreamaniacs to our fast-growing family that loves to Create, Engage, and Lead communities into progress and prosperity. Our team members work from Australia, USA, Canada, Philippines, and India. Click here to learn more about our existing team members. [Position now fulfilled and closed]


Our clients include Hollywood personalities, Leadership Experts, Brand Maestros, Fashionistas, Fitness Models, Community Activists, Spiritual Masters, Authors and many more creative and inspiring people from all walks of life. Work is exciting every single day and we are looking for people who love and fit right into this exciting culture. We strongly believe in a truly equal and safe workplace that gives our team members a family like feeling. We are the Maniacs who work tirelessly on helping brands Dream Big & Making It Happen. [Position now fulfilled and closed]

Digital Support Influencer

Delhi/Mumbai/Chennai, INDIA (1 vacancy each)

Web & Content Designer 

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA (1 vacancy) 

Expressions of Interest

India, Australia, US & UK


Step 1

Register, Login To InfluenCEL Dashboard

Step 2

Go to InfluenCEL-RQ (Support)*

Step 3

Select the Job Applicants category.

Step 4

Type [InfluenCEL Champion] in Subject

Step 5

Attached Resume & 2 recent Photos

Step 6

Include your Facebook & Twitter.

Step 7

If Shortlisted, We will call you for a Phone Interview.

Final Step

Have a cup of coffee with us to discuss your Start Date!

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