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Success begins when you do what you love and you love what you do. At we hire people by match
ing their passions with ours and boosting their enthusiasm by giving them the freedom to use their creativity to deliver exciting results. One day we are all in Business Suits and ties, and next day we are in short-shorts and singlets – because we are cool like that. We like fitness competitions, salad days, random painting sessions or even play with office pets during the work hours – and spend the work day like it is a picnic.


We make the work a funny thing, and then we play hard until the excitement of delivering dreams for our clients takes us nearly to maniac levels – because we are Dreamaniacs™ – Yes, Yes, We are CUTE that way! And we are looking to invite similar Dreamaniacs to our fast-growing family that loves to Create, Engage, and Lead communities into progress and prosperity. Our team members work from Australia, USA, Canada, Philippines, and India. Click here to learn more about our existing team members. [Position now fulfilled and closed]


Our clients include Hollywood personalities, Leadership Experts, Brand Maestros, Fashionistas, Fitness Models, Community Activists, Spiritual Masters, Authors and many more creative and inspiring people from all walks of life. Work is exciting every single day and we are looking for people who love and fit right into this exciting culture. We strongly believe in a truly equal and safe workplace that gives our team members a family like feeling. We are the Maniacs who work tirelessly on helping brands Dream Big & Making It Happen. [Position now fulfilled and closed]

Social Media Influencer 

New Delhi/Mumbai, India (3 positions)

Do you spend half your day on Facebook or tweeting like a maniac? You just can’t resist commenting on a very photo or responding to every tweet? You just can’t have enough selfies in a day and your dad tells you off for taking your phone to the washroom? If you love to keep up to date with all the hustle and bustle of current affairs, trends and more, HECK YEAH, you are the crazy social media maniac we are looking for, don’t be waiting and Complete the form below to add your madness to our joy-gang. [Position now fulfilled and closed]

People & Skills Coordinator

New Delhi, India (1 Position)

Do you love helping people learn, grow and achieve in their careers? Do you want to a Human Resource person with a difference? Do you think HR is a lot more than Hiring people and all about creating a fantastic work environment? Perfect, you are the HR Diva or Stud we are looking for, and oh whatever your gender or orientation, we don’t care as long as you care for all People in the team equally fantastically. Complete the form below to claim your crown. [Position now fulfilled and closed]

Business Development Associate

New Delhi (1 position)

You will be a go-getting achiever, with excellent communication and selling skills. You’ll need to have a charming personality that makes it difficult for people to avoid talking to you. You are the person who can sell the comb to a bald person and loves crunching numbers at the end of the day. If you are all about brands, networking, meeting targets and making bigger ones your passion, you are the Business Development Associate we need. Apply within and let’s create magic! People with Public Relations, Marketing and Event Management background are highly desirable. However we prefer the right attitude, drive and mania before paper certificates so don’t let formal qualification hold you back. [Position now fulfilled and closed]

Web & Content Designer 

New Delhi, INDIA (2 positions)

We don’t create websites, we create Brands that connect communities to commodities and
services that bring prosperity for the brand and its audience. We create stories that will be shared far and wide and if you feel every website you create is a work of your art and passion. If you work on every design like it was yet another masterpiece you are trying to create. If you love colors, logos, designs, crayons, and brushes too, you are the artistic angel we want. Complete the form below to become part of our family. [Position now fulfilled and closed]

Expressions of Interest

New Delhi, India (1 Position)

We are also inviting expressions of interest if you think you can add value to our brand in some other capacity with your experience and/or passion and make magic happen. Feel free to complete the form below and let’s catch-up for a coffee to see if you are the right fit for our brand and vice-versa

All prices are listed in US Dollars unless stated otherwise. You can use your credit or debit card regardless of your location in the world when paying via PayPal, the most secure payment system in the world. All prices are one-off fees with no recurring payments unless explicitly stated otherwise as a “monthly” charge, in which case the total number of charges will be clearly displayed. When purchasing a plan including ebooks or guides, you will get access to these documents forever.

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