We use High Definition graphics that are yours to own and use. No more unclear photos or fear of copyright violations


Our designs are so friendly, thoughtful and purpose focused that you can manage most of your business operations from within the website no matter where you are. All you need is an internet enabled device, a couch and maybe sunscreen if you are at the beach.

Your story

We focus on design keeping in mind the story of your brand/project/campaign and make sure every shade tells the story proudly.


Websites that perform and operate smoothly across a range of devices, be it Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.


Don’t be out of touch with your clients and team. Keep the content up to date in few simple clicks, no matter where you are.

Light Weight

The design doesn’t need to be cumbersome and slow. Our designs look fantastic but remain light for a fast end-user experience.


No need to manually post your articles or blogs each time you post one. We connect your social media to your site & much more.

Featured pack

We don’t only create front-end designs, but also use all features of the platform to give your site maximum features & style.


We don’t believe in restricting ourselves to one or two styles. We apply innovative and invested approach to make every website unique.


We offer various options where you can get your project delivered in a time frame that suits you the best. Depending on the project some sites can be delivered in as little as 3 Working Days. Not just that, even if you have a bigger project and shy on time, we have various expedited service options for faster delivery. Ask our Dreamaniac™ for more details.


We invest our entire focus in understanding your brand so every element of design represents your brand in most creative and connected form

Creation Services Pricing – WEB DESIGN

First Consultation is FREE. All subsequent consultations are charged as per standard consultation fee of relevant service unless otherwise a discount or waiver voucher is issued. Each Standard Consultation is 20 minutes. Extended Consultation are chargeable as minimum 20-minute blocks each (even if the extension was less than 20 minutes)

  • Brand Review & Auditing
  • Home Page Slider
  • Header & Footer
  • Responsive Design
  • Smart Call-to-Actions
  • Sectional Content
  • Dynamic Animations & Transitions
  • Content Styling (Pages)
  • Branded Preloader
  • Standard Contact Form
  • Advanced Custom Forms
  • e-Commerce Compatibility
  • Advanced Content Styling
  • Professional Stock Images
  • Advanced Graphic Design
  • CMS Hosting – Unlimited Updates
  • Premium Phone & Email Support
  • BONUS Strategies
    $899/ Once+ GST
    • US$ 1999
    • 3 Slides, High-Def
    • Standard
    • Optimized For All Devices
    • One, Web-Only
    • Basic
    • -
    • Styled Home Page Only
    • -
    • -
    • -
    • -
    • 10 HD Images
    • -
    • US$ 199/Annually *
    • Blog Empowerment Strategy **
    • US$ 79/Annually #
    • $59/mo (4 Units), $29/Addl. Unit
    $1099/ Once+ GST
    • US$ 2999
    • 5 Slides, High-Def
    • Custom
    • Optimized For All Devices
    • Two, Web + Mobile
    • Advanced
    • On Home Page Only
    • Home Page + 2 Pages
    • 2 Custom Forms
    • -
    • Up To 15 Sections
    • 25 HD Images
    • 3 Graphics FREE, Additional at 50% OFF *#
    • US$ 299/Annually *
    • Blog + PR Strategy **
    • US$ 119/Annually #
    • $59/mo (4 Units), $29/Addl. Unit
    $1499/ Once+ GST
    • US$ 5999
    • 10 Slides, High-Def
    • Custom
    • Optimized For All Devices
    • Five, Web + Mobile
    • Premium
    • Home Page + 5 Pages
    • Home Page + 10 Pages
    • 5 Custom Forms
    • Up To 40 Sections
    • 100 HD Images
    • 5 Graphics FREE, Additional at 50% OFF *#
    • US$ 499/Annually *
    • Blog + PR + Social Strategy **
    • US$ 179/Annually #
    • $59.99 (4 Units), $29.99/Adddl. Unit

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