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I am back

On a very fateful day of April 01, 2014 – I had lost my mojo.

I was shattered, heartbroken and felt as if the world was coming to an end. And in a way it was. On one hand there was emotional heartbreak and devastation, while on the other hand, the unfolding events were going to directly impact my professional accomplishments too. It seemed like I had reached the end of the road, hit a wall going 100 miles per hour and fell really hard on the ground. I almost decided in the moment that I will never be able to stand up again and survive. Even worse, I had decided to quit – my profession, my career and my ambitions.

Fortunately, I had people who helped me remember who I was before I nearly lost my inner fighter. Words cannot express, how grateful I am to the two most amazing women in my life, who not only helped me fight this feeling of defeat, but also reminded me repeatedly, how I have encountered big challenges in life and how I did not let the hurdles faze me. I was on an international call for almost two and a half hour, with my sister Sue who did not give me the usual bullshit about ‘It’ll be okay’ but reassured me repeatedly, that whatever my decision she will stand by me, no matter what. And so did my mother in an outstanding show of strength and support despite her personal health challenges.

NO -After that, It took me a few weeks to find the strength to be positive enough to get back to my business life and resume an active and uplifting lifestyle. I had lost a lot in terms of my confidence and wealth, thanks to the deceitful business partner, who also happened to be the love of my life at the time. But, thanks to a little push from the aforementioned inspiring ladies in my life, I was back on track. I was again  making enough to restore my business and bring the success needed to support my entire team, my family and of course my self-confidence. I found that this time around I was making more happen, doing things smarter, with less investment of time and resources and with better control on things.

While devastating at first, the deception had taught me the importance of managing things myself. I delegate now with smart-control at all times in my own hands, without micromanaging or being a paranoid person. I have struck a balance I am pleased with. 

But it didn’t happen all at once. 2015 brought some health setbacks, both for my mother and myself. Near or far, wherever we lived, I was always stressed for her and struggling with my own healthcare, but I kept soldering on, no matter what, working up to 18 hours a day, seven days a week at times. I was determined to do better, do more and fulfill my professional duty of being a CEO and a team leader with conviction and the utmost diligence. By the end of the year, I had not only restored all the losses but also made things better for the business. 2016 started with a bang and has been a good year so far.

But there was something STILL missing.

I was working hard, I was making right decisions for my business and myself and I was progressing – but something was lacking. I did not have the emotional drive and mental adrenaline that I used to have before the events of 2014 and 2015. I was not the same person, and I lacked inner enthusiasm. Outwardly, I managed to inspire others and stay positive and focused. I even managed to create fantastic success stories for my clients – still I was missing the enthusiasm and the drive from within that had always been my connection to my goals and efforts in ‘Dream Big, Make It Happen’ mindset. I knew something wasn’t quite right and I needed to ‘it’ to return to my life in a new way in order to lead it again.

This feeling had external consequences. I had hidden all my articles, videos and other content from public that used to bring me excitement with each peace of feedback and running dialogue. I was not interested in sharing and interacting more than business. I had lost interest …

Full Stop. 

Today, Saturday, March 12, 2016, I found what it is that was missing.

Right when I realized it, I found my mojo back.

I found my drive and I found my reason to be excited and enthused about what I and doing and the direction I am going in. I realized that right after my personal and business breakup (with the same person) I had stopped writing  down my goals. I was doing everything right and making things happen, but I was not writing my personal goals and/or not revisiting them to see where I was. I needed to see where I had been and reflect on where I was going from time to time.

A part of me had broken-up with my personal ‘Ambition Notepad’. But I am thrilled to report, we are back together, stronger and with solidarity.

Wine This morning, I woke up at 0500 Hours AEST and jumped to find a new ‘ Ambition Notepad’ among my stationary and I began writing down my personal goals and strategies to overcome hurdles while defining personal milestones for my successful journey towards tomorrow.

This morning, I made up and restored my relationship with writing, using my own hand, in my own notebook and with my favorite pen. I am documenting my personal ambitions to succeed, to strive to rise higher and to be stronger, smarter for my own aspirations. I found the motivation and happiness to restore my articles back to the public arena and get back to being myself, the way I used to be. The videos are slowly but surely coming back too- one step at a time.

Today, I found Mr. Mojo back, and now that we are stronger than ever, I cannot wait to show the world once again, what I can do when Mr. Mojo drives me. I am super-excited about making all of OUR dreams a reality.

So yes, Hello Mr. Mojo, let’s get this shit sorted, shall we?



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  • Reply

    You didn’t lose your mojo, you just misplaced it
    Great article, very inspiring

    • Szebastian Onne

      Thank you Gordon, in a way that is right. I had misplaced it and finally spotted it and now I am back full-force, indeed! ~ Szebastian

  • Megan Reilly

    Having seen the ‘ambition notepad’, I think your next chapter co-authored with Mr. Mojo will be the most successful one yet. Onward and upward. <3

    • Szebastian Onne

      aww thanks Megan. Mr. Mojo and I have been talking a lot since last 24 hours and we got a lot up our sleeves so your guess is absofrigginlutely accurate 🙂 – Szebastian

  • Cheryl

    I’m really really proud of you. You have come a long way this past 2 years. You were broke and I watched you struggle through a lot to get where you are today. Congratulations! You deserve it.

    • Szebastian Onne

      Thank you Cheryl. You’ve been a great friend, guide and rock of my life in this journey. I cannot thank you enough in words. – Szebastian

  • Reply

    Yes. Get the mojo sorted. We need more leaders of that in this world – especially from someone which such humanity as you. Very proud of you <3

    • Szebastian Onne

      I am truly humbled by your kind words of support and encouragement Ginni. Speechless in gratitude. – Szebastian

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