Resolutions versus Decisions.

We make all these resolutions, promises and goals at the end of each year as the new year begins. Three weeks later, it falls flat.


Our excuse is, ‘Life Happens’ and then a never-ending supply of reasons (read as excuses) on why we cannot get back on the track and ultimately, they are penned down as ‘Next Year’s Goals’.

The cycle never ends.

It is very commonly said, ‘Promises are made to be broken‘. Whether you believe in that is irrelevant, the fact is often, we settle with that excuse without much or any accountability.

DECISIONS but have a bigger meaning and implication as it involves accountability. First, we are accountable to ourselves to deliver on our decisions. Then those who have been informed of the decisions, expect a confirmed delivery.


Before we get all tangled into the ‘burden’ of a decision and the ‘repercussions, we need to understand that a decision involves a careful analysis, preparation, strategy and milestones. When you make a decision, you put your integrity on the line, and you are personally interested in being successful in making sure that the decided actions take place and the intended outcome is achieved. At least, that is how I see it.

So, I have made 10 decisions, that I will share publicly in coming days and hold myself accountable to ME, before anyone else to make sure I deliver.

That is my #INSPIREinfluenCEL2020 – what is yours?

Clarity. Truth. Courage. Resilience. 

Header Featured Photo Courtesy: Yogendra


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